This Agreement (the “Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you and WoWtech (sole owner of its brand “Sri Vijaya Ganapathy Stores (SVGS)” & “the website”) that has stated the terms and conditions pertaining to which you are allowed to view and use the Sri Vijaya Ganapathy Stores (SVGS) Web site.

The website’s employees, agents or designees will be crafting the displaying the products that are listed on the website. However, the prices that are listed on the product on our platform might differ greatly from the ones in the stores. Our team will be delivering the products on the address listed while updating profiles by the users. If any product is not added to the cart, its listing or delivery will not be done by us. Users will be responsible to receive the items during delivery and all pay for the same if cash on delivery payment mode is opted.

The person who receives the product must prove to the delivery person that he/she is legit and must have proofs for the same. If our delivery person is unable to deliver your order or has to go again for delivery of the product because any person wasn’t available to receive the product, or wrong address/details given to us by you, will be assessed an additional fee. Also, if you are not gratified by our services or products, you may call us personally for return along with feedback on our products.


The website is not obligated to observe, screen, police or edit the use of the Web Site, including the materials posted to the Web Site, although SVGS possesses the powers and rights to do so in its discretion. SVGS respects the intellectual property of others. If you feel that your work has been copied in such a manner that it includes copyright infringement, please follow the necessary steps for making Copyright Infringement. However, we expect the same behavior from our customers and want the users to abide by the terms of use at any cost, and during any point of usage of our services.

Return & Refunds

We have a “no questions asked return and refund policy” which enables every user to return the product after checking at the time of delivery if it’s not up to the mark or isn’t fresh. The delivery person will be instructed to take the product back without any questions asked. However, users must keep in mind that if a product is returned due to a change in decision and your order value is less than Rs. 500, you will be fined extra for delivery.